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Excursion to Galich

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Galich is distinguished by its huge lake and hilly terrain. Lake Galichskoye and the fish in it gave rise to a separate Rybnaya Sloboda (fishing settlement) no later than the 16th century. The settlement developed its own technologies (know-how) for use of the lake’s rich natural resources. First of all, these technologies involved the preparation of small lake fish – European smelt – in special ovens in such a way that the fish retained its flavour properties over the course of many months. Another technology used was feeding livestock with aquatic plants – equisetum (horsetail) and treated plant fibres (reeds). Local know-how also extended to the cultivation of cucumbers in plots arranged on top of wooden planks on the lake. The settlement’s spacious huts and periodically flooded vegetable gardens along the lake still exist to this day and you will visit them during the excursion.

The town centre was trade-based, with a small scattering of government buildings, and, needless to say, trading rows on the square. Now, they continue to be used for their intended purpose. A 14th century monastery and the ramparts of a fortress on Baltschug Hill remain from the Middle Ages, when Galich was not just a district town, but rather the capital of an appanage principality. It was in this fortress that Prince Shemyaka stood his ground against the siege of the Muscovite troops.

The excursion to Galich includes: visiting the town’s historical places (trading rows, fortress ramparts, mansions, churches, the early 20th century vodka factory, the 120-year old hut in Rybnaya Sloboda, Paisievo-Galichsky Convent, and Baltschug Hill over the lake) and a visit to the museum, located in the former mansion of the mayor. The excursion ends on a high note: a concert featuring a performance on a rare physharmonica and a tea party with local history buffs and keepers of the town’s traditions.

Excursions are conducted when there are at least 4 guests participating. Additionally, we can arrange a transfer. It’s convenient to visit Galich on the way to or from the Terem.