Terem in the forest This house is not a museum exhibit. The whole house itself is a museum, but it is also a hotel. The Terem is located in the Chukhlomsky district of Kostroma region and its history is something akin to a fairy tale. Monument A carved wooden dacha, built in a remote corner of the Kostroma province in 1897, stood abandoned and overgrown by forest. We reclaimed it from nature and restored it to what it was like a century ago. The story Astashovo Our forest Terem is a historical country estate, hotel, and museum. Come visit us to stay in the authentic 19th century interiors while enjoying modern comforts, the beauty of antiques, and unspoiled nature. See the rooms RGS recommends One of the options to experience Astashovo and the surrounding area is a 4-day program, which was included in the Russian Geographical Society’s travel collection. More about the program znak pyatiugolnik Summer fest In the old days an annual summer gathering in Astashovo took place on Prophet Elijah's day early in August.

It was time to invite friends and relatives from other villages and towns. We re-introduced this tradition and welcome everyone to our festival on
August 6, 2022

Astashovo – Forest Terem

The Terem is located in the forests of the Chukhlomsky district of Kostroma region. It was built in 1897 by a local peasant, Martyan Sazonov, based on a sketch by architect Ivan Ropet. In the Soviet period, the Terem served as the home for a rural council, but then it was abandoned. From 2010 to 2018, a group of enthusiasts, led by Olga Golovicher and Andrey Pavlichenkov, worked on restoring the Terem. The architectural bureau of Alexander Popov was in charge of the restoration, during which historical materials and technologies were used.

Today, guests can choose from 6 rooms in the historical atmosphere of the Terem itself, 3 rooms in a wing of the Terem that are a fusion of traditional Russian and modern northern styles, or 3 separate Scandinavian cottages and a campground. We offer our guests a country-style banya, a children’s playground, an eco-trail, a boat dock on a forest lake, an extensive network of cross-country ski trails, ATV and snowmobile rentals, excursions, and adventure programs.


The Terem’s atmosphere of country estate life—peaceful, cozy, and hospitable—is just as important to us as its historical look. We do everything we can in order for our guests to feel this atmosphere. Come have breakfast in the spacious common room next to an authentic Russian stove, drink tea from a samovar on the veranda, and dine by candlelight.



The Terem was built according to the “living museum” principle. This means that the exhibits in its rooms are not just a part of the interior decor; you can—in fact, you must—use them: examine the contents of the sideboards and chests, turn on the ancient lamps, leaf through the pages of old books, and listen to records on the gramophone. We offer our guests a guide, an audio guide, and numerous tablets containing information we have gathered about the history of the Terem and its surrounding area.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get there?

We are located in the Chukhlomsky district, in the northern part of Kostroma region. You can drive to Astashovo by car or you can travel by train to Galich station and then take a taxi from there. The road is passable for all types of transport at all times of the year. But, as is customary in the Russian countryside, the speed of travel depends on the season, weather conditions, and the efforts of the road repair crews.

You can always ask us about the current state of the local roads, to order you a taxi from Galich or Kostroma, and for advice on the route.

What is there to do?

We want you to take back home lasting impressions of your time spent here, so we are always coming up with new excursions and amusements to offer our guests. Our collection of excursions includes something to suit everyone’s tastes – for history buffs, for extreme adventure seekers, for athletes, or for those who miss being in pristine nature.


We hope that our food and drinks will leave yet another lasting impression on our guests. To produce these great culinary memories, we follow the “zero kilometre” principle of using local products as much as possible, and we combine traditional recipes from the Kostroma region with a modern gastronomical approach.

You can always order lunch and dinner from us if you let us know ahead of time. Breakfasts are included in the rate for rooms, but not for the separate cottages. We will be glad to feed guests who are staying in the cottages, but they also have the opportunity to cook for themselves, since every cottage has a kitchen.


You may bring your pets here with just one condition: you cannot stay in the historical part of the Terem with pets. Thus, if you bring your four-legged friend, you can book Tutka, Vocha, or Rakostel rooms, or one of the cottages.

Check-in/check-out time

It is possible to check in after 15:00; check-out is before 11:00.

Please let us know if you need to check in earlier. We always try our best to accommodate you, if possible. You can always leave your things with us, have tea, stroll around the area, see the museum, relax in the living room, or sit on the veranda before you check in.

Late check-out may be possible, subject to agreement, and is paid as a half-day. If you vacate your room, your luggage may be left in a special storage room for no additional cost.

How is the weather in Astashovo? What should I wear? Are there ticks?

Now, the situation is as follows: if you plan your trip in advance, you can expect heavy snow cover from December to the end of March. If you are planning your trip for any other time of year, then we recommend that you pack hiking clothes. The clothes should have long sleeves and a hood. If you don’t have clothes with a hood, bring a hat. For long hikes, we have various sizes of rubber boots, which will come in handy for certain sections of our eco-trails.

We treat the area around the Terem in order to prevent ticks, but, just in case, we recommend that you use a spray (our team members will be happy to give you a spray can) and carefully examine yourself and your clothes after your hikes.

Real history, real interiors, and real delight are waiting for you! Book today!

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