Services » The Suday side: Ploskovo, Bubalino, and Valuyevo

The Suday side: Ploskovo, Bubalino, and Valuyevo

ploskovo inside

A wooden chapel with cherubs in the heavens – an unpretentious village museum – a peculiar triangular church – what connects these three places? Located along the road to Suday, a rich old village, they are all unusual, and therefore gave rise to legends. It’s a 2 km walk along a forest trail to get to the chapel in Ploskovo, which rumours have linked to a merchant who hid his wife from other people. In Bubalino, a sea captain opened a museum in his ancestral hut; here, spinning wheels and bast shoes keep company with anchors and a hyena skin. Locals have attributed the church in Valuyevo to masons due to its triangular shape.

You can order a transfer separately. Excursions are conducted when there are at least 4 guests participating.